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10 Tips to Increase Conversions!

  • First: Split testing. I want to give you a different approach here, because before you start creating a variation for the page you want to improve, you have to thoroughly understand what type of conversion the original page can generate. You must create a clear conversion (success page) for A before considering creating your B.
  • Second: Your Content. We know that conversions generally have to do with squeeze pages but you can optimize your regular blog posts for generating leads or increasing time on site. And one of the best places to start experiment is changing headlines and adding bullet points. Don’t forget to use Google Analytics to set a new goal and to monitor conversions on your original page before split testing.
  • Third: Be patient. I understand that this can be a little difficult when you don’t have enough traffic but you must be conscious that 50 impressions is not a good amount of views to assume that your page is working or not. A good rule of thumb is to wait for at least 50 conversions. And how long it is going to take will depend on your traffic!
  • Forth: The Power of Colors. This is more important for squeeze pages especially when it comes to the color of the button you are using. Two really common colors being used now are red andgreen and they have a totally different meaning. We could start analyzing traffic lights but there are a lot more involved. Green can represent that idea of “hey, I am ready to go!” and red has this idea of warning, excitement and also passion. What do you think will convert better? Well, you need to test this!
  • Fifth: What about Videos? One great way to check if your content is converting at its full potential is to try to use videos throughout your copy. But remember, you are testing this tactic! And of course, if you are comfortable with videos this can make a big difference on your conversions; it can be huge, but when you are just starting, be careful about it. Even though, I highly recommend you give it a shot.
  • Sixth: Focus on Profitable Conversions First! I mean… it’s always great to keep track of everything but you also have to prioritize what will pay your bills first. Your order of priorities should be sales first then leads, then page-views, time on site, bounce rate and so on. There is a saying a learned right in the beginning of my internet marketing enterprise, it’s that you have to focus on what will bring you money the fastest!
  • Seventh: If you can, Use Social Proof. That is so powerful, but I know it can be a problem when you are just starting out and when I read that at the first time I thought …”Well, that is great, it seems to work, but how can I get some testimonials?” I said testimonials because they are the most powerful way to use social proof but even some tweets and likes can make a big difference when it comes to increasing conversions.
  • Eighth: Borrowing an idea. When you are browsing some websites and you land on a really cool squeeze page, just start analyzing it and see if there is a way to adapt what that company is doing to get similar results. Just be careful with the kind of companies you are trying to model. If you are not sure whether their offer is converting or not, it’s better not considering that model. Just be thoughtful! You have to analyze your own emotions… what you were feeling after reading that page… That is the point.

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  • Ninth: When Split Testing Be Creative. Once you have defined the conversion rate for your original page it is time to use your imagination and create a variation with big changes. It can sound weird because your original page it’s converting already however if you really want to get the most from your offer, you should also know that small tweaks will have just a small impact on your conversions! With that in mind, you should run an A/B test with major changes when comparing version A with B.
  • Tenth. Show results. Maybe one of the best ways to increase your conversions is when your visitors can sense how they can apply what you are teaching on the e-book or product you are promoting! This is effective because they can envision results in advance and when that happens you job of converting them it’s a lot easier. 



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