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100% Unique Niche Articles FREE

This is my first post so please take it easy on me. I’m going to show you how I get 100% unique niche articles for AC and my adsense blogs.

STEP 1. Go to translate.google dotcom

STE[ 2. Enter your niche keyword “ex.weight loss”

STEP 3. Translate from English to Spanish

STE[ 4. Copy Spanish translatation

STEP 5. Go to google.com.es (Spain) or/and google.com.mx (Mexico)

STEP 6. Enter your spanish keyword and click on “paginas de Espana or paginas de Mexico”

STEP 7. Browse and click on various websites and look for spanish adsense blogs.

STEP 8. Once you find a blog with a few spanish articles, then copy the blog url and go back to google translate and paste and click translate spanish to english. This way you can read the articles in english and decide if the article will work for you.

STEP 9. Copy the spanish version article and translate it from spanish to english.

STEP 10. Now, you need to pass it through copyscape. Go to Bloggerdotcom and create a free blog and post the article.

STEP 11. Go to copyscapedotcom and enter your blog url with niche article and hit enter. There you go 100% unique niche article for free.

Rinse and Repeat. Enjoy! [Image: biggrin.png]



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