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5 Uncommon Ways To Get Fresh Ideas For New Blog Posts

This is a detailed post to discuss about some uncommon ways to get fresh topics and ideas for blog posts.

    were based on those two topics which needs us to write content daily. But for daily writing, we need creative and unique ideas to write on.
    • How can we generate daily new ideas for our blog posts?
    • What sources we can use to get new posts topics?
    • How to Get Blog Post Ideas when we can’t Think of Any More?
    These are some common questions that must need to solve out to become a successful blogger.
    Today I was thinking about some topics to write posts, then I got an idea why not to write a Guide onhow to find topics for blog posts. Then I do some research and make a list of 5 unusual ways to get ideas to write about for new blog posts. I hope you would enjoy reading them. 

    Ways To Come Up With Killer Blog Post Ideas

    There are lots of places to get content ideas. I have selected 5 uncommon places to get topics to write on. Let’s discuss about them.

    1# Knock Google’s Door

    Yes, I really mean it – Knock Google’s Door!
    We all know that Google is a great source of information. Then why not to ask from Google about new topics for our blog posts. You may probably think that I’m going crazy. If yes, then thanks ;)
    I asked Google several times for post topics and I got really amazing response from it.
    But how ask to Google?
    It’s simple friends.. Open Google in your browser and type something like below queries:
    Note: This is a demo for Blogger users. You may search according to you.
    1. How to in Blogger
    2. What to in Blogger
    3. Why to in Blogger
    4. Tips to in Blogger
    5. Tricks to in Blogger
    6. and some related type of queries
    Remember: After tying any of above query in Google, move your pointer in front of in Blogger and put a space. Google will automatically show you a huge list of killer ideas that you can choose to write your new posts. Check below screenshot for clear idea: 
    You must need to try it once. I pick ideas from there many times and it works for me like a treasure of killer ideas :)

    2# Watch Youtube Videos

    Now you may think that how youtube videos can help us to get ideas for writing new blog posts. But trust me friends, youtube videos also play an impressive role to solve our problem.
    We can take Youtube Videos in Action in two ways:
    Watch youtube videos related to your niche and write a post on it what you watch in the video but in a creative and impressive manner. Make some research and add your points too to make your post go viral. :)
    Create tutorial videos on your past tutorial posts and upload them to your youtube channel. It’ll not only help you to write a new post but also you’ll get some referral traffic from Youtube.

    3# Steal Ideas from Competitors

    There is nothing illegal to steal post ideas from your competitor’s blogs.
    Find some big blogs under your niche and read their reader’s comment there. 



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