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6 Blogger Optimization Tips For SEO Tutorial

There is a debate from long time about WordPress and Blogger that which is better for Search Engine Optimization. WordPress users says that it is the best and blogger users say that why we pay for hosting if we have a free service provided by Google itself. Most of the wordpress users say that blogger is not SEO friendly. This is not true. We can optimize blogspot blogs also to make them SEO friendly for better search engine results. In this blog, I have shared lot of tips and tricks for blogger users to optimize their blog for better ranking. Today I am going to share all those tips here so that you can read all of them at a time and optimize your blogspot blog fast. 

Blogger Optimization for SEO

  1. One of the main reasons your blog is not ranking well in search engines is that you may are using blogger’s default templates. Don’t go with them. In this post I explained why we should not use default templates and how to change them with a SEO friendly template.
  2. How To Remove Blogger Navbar?: We can’t ignore this step if we want to optimize blogger blog. Optimization is not only for search engines. We should optimize our blog for readers also. Our blog’s look plays a vital role in its reputation. In blogger templates there is an ugly navbar at the top and in this post I shared a trick to remove it. Either you are using blogger’s official templates or any third party template, you must know how to remove navbar because this is the basic knowledge that every blogger should know.
  3.  Checking the real and accurate stats of the traffic we are receiving on our blog is very important to optimize it because it shows the visitors behavior on our blog that tells about our blog performance. We can optimize our blog according to that. Read this post to know about this issue in details.
  4. Replace Blogger Home, Newer & Older Post Link With Image: This is the main part of blogspot optimization. By default in blogger templates there is a page navigation (also known as pagination) below every post which is not so much eye catching that can attract the readers toread more posts. Changing those navigation links with image can help you to increase your blog page views.
  5. Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger: Blogspot platform is now going SEO friendly with each update. After the release of blogger’s new interface, some more features are added by blogger developers to make enhance its performance in search engines. Custom Robots Header Tags is one of the new features. You must set these tags for your blog.
  6. Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger: This is one of the major parts of blogger optimization guide. Title of a page should be optimized with best keywords. Our post titles should come first than blog title but in blogger this structure is in reverse order. You must optimize your blogger blog post titles. Read this post for explained tutorial. 



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