6 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

By | August 20, 2013
Significant traffic is a need of every blogger. Sometimes we do everything to attract new visitors to increase blog traffic. We spend hours to design our blog template, work hard to write quality and unique content to publish but if we don’t have decent audience to read our content then all of our hard work will be in vain. Quality traffic like from search engines (organic traffic) is really important to boost the ranking of blog. If you aim to make some money from your blog then work to drive traffic. Many of my blogger brothers and sisters struggle to generate traffic to their blog. So, I decide to share my own way on how to increase blog traffic. Let me introduce you to tips of the day.

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

Read below 6 tips that really work to build traffic to a blog.
  1. Fast Loading Template

  2. You must need to make your blog looks professional. Always try to make your blog’s look nifty. Visitors first look at the blog design and if they don’t like the design then they will never come back. Try to get a fast loading template for your blog. Visitors love to read fast loading blogs. You can read our top 9 tips that will help you to make your blog loads faster.
  1. Use Share Buttons

  2. Social share buttons really works to get new visitors to your blog. If your readers like your post content then surely they will share it with their friends. This will invite new readers to your blog to read the story. Beside this share buttons also help to increase your blog backlinks and search engines loves these backlinks. It will help your posts to rank in search engines and your traffic will increase.
  3. Keyword Research

  4. Keyword research is an interesting and enjoyable task. Before publishing any article always do some research on your keywords you are going to use into your post. Choose best keywords for your posts to target the audience. Always use Long Term Keywords (Long Tail Keywords) because they are easy to rank as compare to short term keywords. Google also show accurate result while somebody search for any information if the user query contains more than 5 words. You can use Google Keyword Tool to get idea which keyword you should use for your posts.
  5. Blog Commenting

  6. This is what I like most to increase blog traffic. Make it your habit to post comments on other popular blogs of same niche regularly. It is the best way to increase your blog readers. If possible then try to leave the first comment with link back to your sites. Because readers also read comments and first comment attract the readers and if your comment is interesting for readers then they will surely click on your link to know about your blog. It will increase your blog readership and hence more traffic to your blog.

    Note: Don’t put spam comments. First read the post and then leave a valuable comment that add some value to the conversation. Don’t comment like ‘nice post’, ‘helpful article’ etc. These types of comments not attract the readers.
  7. Reply to Comments

  8. Reply to your reader’s comments. Solve their queries and doubt about the topic you are posting. It will help you to build better relationships with your blog visitors. They will like to visit your blog again and again to get something new. Returning visitors are really important for success of a blog.
  9. Use Q&A Sites

  10. Use Question and Answers websites like Yahoo! Answers. Try to be active on such sites because these sites can give of lot of free and targeted traffic. Search questions to your niche and answers them and provide your website link as source. If you give best answer then it will attract new visitors to your blog and they will become your reader. More readers equal to more traffic. You can also use some popular forums for this purpose like Digital Point Forums! 



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