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Adf.ly Scam Review

Review of Adf.ly, Legit or Scam?

Discover here the truth about Adf.ly. Whether it is scam or legit, you find that here. A thorough review of adf.ly.

Url shortners are hitting the market now a days.You don’t own the website but you earn by placing ads on it!!It’s that simple.These services are great benefit for everyone.We do ,we tweet,we share,what ever we do regularly on internet,these url shortners pay us just for shortening any url and bringing traffic to it. And if you do own a website, then your earnings are unlimited.
Its not much difficult for one with 100+ facebook friends and 100+followers etc.
Adf.ly is yet another site but ruling over all the url shorteners that pays.You Earn by shortening the urls in 2 ways:

    Having an Interstital ad.For example:You shorten a url and when one clicks on the shortened url,the visitor first is directed to the full ad page and after just 5 secs “skip ad” options appears and visitor goes to original site!
    Having Framed ad.Example:Visitor clicks on shortened url and the real site appears but with a banner at top displaying any sort of ad.

The minimum payout is only $5 which is so easy and quickest to reach.You are paid by Paypal and Payoneer.

A raw sum of $4 is paid at 1000 views and if you have 1000 UNIQUE views then your earning can shoot to $7.84!

And what more i can tell about their system…the stats are updated quickly!!

And don’t worry about how you will shrink bunch of URL. Adf.ly have awesome set of tools that make it possible in minutes.

For instance,Mass Shrinker,Full page Script,Website Entry Script, API, Google Analytics support etc are widely used.

The big part of the fact is that you can earn from your referrals at 20% of what they earn FOR THE LIFETIME! Now this is really epic!
So, if you have 20 of your friends joining through your referral link and they earn a minimum of $1 per month, you get huge $4 per month!! It means in 12 months, you earn $48 just from your referrals!
In addition, if you refer an advertiser, you get 5% commission from every order that your referral make. So, you are benefited whether a publisher signs up through your adf.ly referral link or an advertiser.
Till now, adf.ly really deserves to be checked and used.
Now whether it is scam or legit?
I tell you that through my research around the internet, I can not find any proof to show that it is a scam. There are payment proofs available and everyone claims that it DOES PAY!! This means it is a legit site.

Moreover, the whois data of adf.ly also does not show any point of fraud. They have their business address available, which is in United Kingdom. I can not find any flaw in their data.
So, why you waiting. Sign up as there is nothing to loose but much to make money



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