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Earn $300-$400/day From Facebook

Step 1 : Either setup or acquire a facebook page with a minimum of 100k likes. The more likes you have, greater will be the traffic you can direct to your website. Also, regularly post funny images on your page to make sure it stays active. Step 2 : Get a domain, hosting and an adsense account. You can use some of the most used scripts for troll sites like DamnLOL script, the MeGusta theme for wordpress or 9gag clone. You can get a database of funny images on the internet and do a bulk upload of them which will save you time. Well placed ads on the site will fetch higher CTR. Step 3 : Post links to the images on your website on your facebook fanpage with images that will encourage your fans to click on them. Eventually, they will browse the pictures on your website and click on ads too. You can schedule posts on your fanpage. This would not take more than 15 minutes each day.



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