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[get] Facebook auto like script that works!

It’s a javascript file that creates the auto-like function.

This is a great script that I made some fixes; before, the like
function used to be disabled on a second click, but now it
doesn’t matter how many clicks the users do… the like was taken
and persists that way.

The functionality is simple:

This script creates a hidden like button that floats within the
mouse cursor. When users do clicks (pictures, links and so on)
they are liking your fanpage or url!


Don’t use it more than 10 minutes per hour. FB detects it and
disables it right away.

Download page:

That’s all! (by now)
how to integrate this in a website (html):

Before copying it, be sure that you had change the URL. “http://
facebook.com/PutasYAtrevidas” by “http://facebook.com/
YourPage”. (thanks to Evelson for this detail I was forgetting,
anyways dude… you shouldn’t be that rude)

Wonder what’s the meaning of “PutasYAtrevidas” xD
Pd.: My English is quite weird because I’m from Bolivia (South
America) xD Enjoy the script!

Pd. 0.2: It’s highly recommended to avoid this script on new
fanpages, because the new “Confirm” FB step for users to verify
their willing. Once you got a decent fan-base (like 2k), you don’t
have to worry about it.

Before </body> insert the following…
<script type=”text/javascript”>



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