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[GET] The Little Portative Commenter BETA 1

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The Little Portative Commenter BETA 1
By VanillaH

Fully multi-threaded | Lightweight (one thread takes about 1mb of RAM) | Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

TLPC is not a Scrapebox-lite, a Scrapebox-like or a Scrapebox-whatsoever. It is a software of its own that I made for my personal use; however, since BHW helped me so much, I decided to share it with everyone. If people like it, I might update it with new features.

What I needed was pretty simple, so TLPC does not have a project manager, a URLs harvester or anything that fancy. There are two modules.

Blog commenter
Platforms supported: WordPress, b2evolution and Movable Type.

Configure Names
To randomize your posts, you may split the chances to use a keyword, a full name or a pseudo as the name. Then, if desired, you can link your name to a URL according to a URL file. One entry per line.

Configure E-mail Addresses
For most of blogs, fake generated e-mail addresses will do the job; still, you can choose to use fixed e-mail addresses according to an e-mail addresses file. One entry per line.

Configure Blogs
While TLPC can load a lot of blogs almost instantly, don’t go overboard and split your big files into smaller ones. One entry per line.

Configure Comment
Spinnable content is authorized – and encouraged! In other {words|terms}, this sentence has two variations.

In other words, this sentence has two variations.
In other terms, this sentence has two variations.

Configure Proxies
I don’t recommend direct connection at all since your IP can be banned/reported for spam; thus, you have the choice between a list of proxies (one entry per line) or the TOR network. The first choice is the best, but if you don’t want to bother with finding/buying proxies for a small blast (< 500), go with the TOR network. You will need to download the Vidalia Bundle (google it!) and to have it running before commenting.

A right-click on the main interface will allow you to visit a selected blog, to save a list of successful blogs or to save a list of failed blogs.

Proxies Checker & Other Options
A simple proxies checker. One proxy per line with the following structure:


If the proxy has a username and a password:


As for the options:
Threads to run: To accelerate the blog commenting or the proxy checking, TLPC can run simultaneous connexions (threads). A too high number will cause network crashes, so start low and climb your way up.
Timeout: Time, in ms, to wait for an answer before the thread is cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

My success rate is low. Why?
1. You use public/bad proxies.
2. The Websites list’s quality is poor.
3. There are too many simultaneous threads.
4. TLPC’s beta stage plays against itself.
5. A mix of those four things.

The status says “Success”, but when I go to the Website, my comment is not there. How come?
A success doesn’t mean that the comment was posted, but that the request for the comment has succeeded. In other words, if the blog is not auto-approve, you will have to wait for a moderator to validate your comment – if he ever does! It is also possible that a public/bad proxy reports wrong results.

Can I suggest you something?
Go ahead! Like I said earlier, if my software is liked, it will be my pleasure to update it with new cool features!






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