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How to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google

Writing content for blog is not enough to rank well in search engines like Google. We need some special care to make our blog SEO friendly. Then it will rank awesomely in all major search engines. In my previous posts, I shared some Off page SEO Tips that are beneficial to improve keywords position in search results. As you may already know that we must focus on On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques both to make our blog SEO friendly and search engines lovable. That’s why today I bring some tips that will help you to rank well in search results. Hope you guys like to read these tips.

Improve Keywords Position in Search Results

There are many things that we must care during blogging. Read below points and try to follow them to improve your blog traffic through search engines.

Tip #1 Optimize Post Titles

During writing new post for your blog, always tries to use SEO friendly post titles because this is the first thing that decides your ranking in search results.
Include your main and targeted keyword in your post title. If you are a blogger use then read below tutorial to optimize your post titles.

Tip #2 Add Keywords to Content

Provide best quality content in your blog and add some keywords into it at prominent places that fits there.
Keyword density should be kept in mind to make content for SEO friendly. Use at most 2% or 3% keywords in your content.
For example if you have 500 words in your article, then you can use your keyword 10 to 15 times.

Tip #3 Add Keywords to Images

Images not only use to make blog posts more attractive. They can also be used as an extra place to put keywords into it.
There are some image optimization tips that you must know to optimize your images. Read below tutorial to know about this topic in details.

Tip #4 Add Keyword Rich Labels

Labels are used to categorize blog posts. They used by related posts widget also to show related posts under every post. But if you used them correctly then you can take its benefit to improve your keywords ranking in Google.
Always add a keyword rich label name to every post you publish on your blog because it is also a best place to put keywords.

If you have already added some labels without adding keywords into it then don’t worry, you can rename it also.

This is the part of On-Page SEO Tips, now continue reading for some Off-page SEO Tips. These tips are also beneficial to improve keywords ranking in search results.

Tip #5 Use Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the best method to gain high quality keyword rich dofollow backlinks. If you don’t know about importance of backlinks in search rankings then let me tell you that quality backlinks are very important for every blog or website to improve search rankings.
Use guest blogging to increase number of keyword rich backlinks of your blog. Write high quality content and submit it to other blogs under your niche. It will also help to increase your blog page views and readers.

Tip #6 Blog Commenting
You might think that why waste time to leave comments on other’s blog. This is the big mistake that newbie bloggers do.
You should participate in the conversation on other blog’s by leaving a valuable comment. It will not only introduce you and your blog into the blog-o-sphere but also you will get quality backlinks for your blog.
Don’t waste your time to leave comments on random blogs. You must target KeywordLuv andCommentLuv enabled blogs to gain dofollow backlinks. If you don’t have any idea about that then read below tutorial.

Tip #7 Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking is the part of Off-Page SEO Techniques. It helps a lot to improve keywords ranking in Google.
There are some tips and suggestions for those bloggers who want to participate in social bookmarking to increase their rankings in search results.

Tip #8 Directory Submissions
As same as social bookmarking, directory submission with care can also help blog owners to make their blog popular in search results.
There are also some points for directory submission that you must know to take proper benefits of your hard work. 



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