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How to increase Alexa Ranking

1. If you’re not using the Standard Theme yet, I can’t recommend it enough. See the first point of my Advice for Bloggers post. It has instructions on how to order and install it.
2. Install the Alexa toolbar. You need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer as your browser. I’m not a fan of toolbars, but this one is neat.
3. Register for an Alexa account. It’s easy and free.
4. Claim your site on Alexa.
5. Install the Alexa widget to your blog.

6. View your blog and all other blogs using the browser where the toolbar is installed. So if you installed it in Chrome, then view all blogs in Chrome. The same for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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7. Write a review for the blogs you like on the Alexa review system and give them high scores. The word on the street is that if you write negative reviews or give low scores, it hurts your blog ranking. So only review the sites and blogs that you like. The more reviews you write, the better.

8. Ask the people who like your blog to write a positive review for it on Alexa.

9. Blog consistently (at least once a week) and write quality content that people want to share. Don’t beg or ask them to share your posts. If what you write is valuable and edifying, people will share your posts naturally.

10. Be patient. The following will you give an idea of the pace by which my Alexa score dropped. I’ve been tracking it once a month since March.

3/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 564,234
4/4/12  – Alexa global rank = 262,700
5/5/12 – Alexa global rank = 135,307
6/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 99,870
7/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 88,092
8/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 87,392
9/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 79,324
10/6/12 – Alexa global rank = 75,133



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