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How to Make a blogger Backup

Blogger is a free service by which you can make your own free blog. Your site is hosted by Google servers therefore if your site doesn’t comply with their Terms and services they delete your blog/site without giving a second chance. And sometimes your blog/site will deleted mistakenly. There is no perfect solution to get back your deleted blog / site. The only solution is you make a backup of all of your blog posts and including all images. In my this post i will show you how to make a backup of your blog. You must have make a backup of your blog after three or four days because unfortunately your blog was deleted mistakenly so that you have a backup of your blog and you can use this backup on WordPress by purchase you own web hosting 

How Make a Backup Of Your Blog? 

To backup only your blogger template that you are just downloading only your blog template and its widgets because sometimes we make some changes in blogger template if these changes were not apply then we upload our previous template which we already downloaded follow these simple steps to make a backup of your blogger template. 

Go to Blogger > Template
Now click on Backup/Restore option on top right side
Click on Download full template as following 
it takes a few moments to download your blogger template but the main thing is download a copy of your all blog posts and every thing of your blog for this, Follow these steps 
Go to Blogger > Settings > Other
In Blog Tools option click on Export Blog option  as following 
Now it take few minutes to download your blog if you have a large number of posts then it will take some long time to download a complete copy of your blog. This is actually the complete copy of your Blogger blog you should download your blog after three or four days because Blogger can disable your blog for violation or delete i mistakenly so having a copy of blog is a better solution to avoid from them  



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