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How to Optimize Blog For Google and Other Search Engines

Being a blogger you must be aware with the fact that Google changes its policies after a short period of time. It is done to punish the spammers who apply black hat SEO techniques on their blog to rank high in search results. After each update, you can notice a change in website’s page ranking in search results. Blogs that have applied white hat SEO techniques rank higher in search engines. Even these policies changes very frequently but if you go through the policies then you will come to know that some of the policies are always same. They have never changed. So, in today post we’ll discuss about Universal SEO Tips for Google that every blogger must know. This will be a beginner’s guide so that you can learn every aspect of white hat SEO from starting. 

Optimizing Blog for Search Engines

Below I am going to mention those tips which are always same and work to improve blog rankings. There are lot of things that you need to learn but first start with these basic tips because even they are basic but most effective too. You can’t ignore them if you really want better results of your hard work.

Publish High Quality Content

When you write post for your blog, make sure that you publish high quality content. It should be keyword rich with at most 3% of keyword density. Also assure that you only publish original content to your blog. It should not be copied from anywhere otherwise Google will punish you for that and you lose your rankings in search results.

Target Specific Keyword

In tip #1, I told to write keyword rich article. Except this you must focus on your keywords. Always focus a single keyword in a post. If you target more than one keyword in single post then it will create a fuss in your article that confuses the search engines. You will be penalized your over SEO or Black Hat SEO.

Catchy Post Titles

Your post titles should be catchy and must contain your main keyword. Don’t forget to add unique description to all of your posts. Post titles and description is the only thing appears in search results that force the visitors to click on your link to read the entire story.
Except this you must work on your blog to optimize post titles. You must check below tutorial to optimize your post titles.

Optimize Images

If possible then try to insert an image related to topic of the post. It will not only make your content more presentable and stylish but also help to improve its rankings in search results. But you must care about image optimization techniques for better SEO of your posts. I have published a detailed article on this topic. You must check it out for complete information.

Link to Old Posts

When you write new post for your blog, make sure to add some links of your old posts in it. The links you add must be related to the current topic that can provide depth information about that topic. Those links will attract the readers to check those posts too. By doing so you will be able to increase your blog page views and you will get more traffic to your blog. If you are getting too much bounce rate on your blog then you must use internal linking because it is the best way to reduce blog bounce rate.

Update Frequently

If you just started your blog, then make it your habit to update your blog very frequently in its early stages. Always try to publish at least 2-3 articles daily because regular updated blogs are much loved by Google. Your posts will appear higher in search results and your page rank will increase.

Add a Sitemap

When you are ready with your blog and its content, submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. It helps to build better visibility in search results. Adding sitemap also inform the Google for any update you do in your blog.



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