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PhpFox.Neutron-v4.0.7.Stable Free

-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ScRiPt iNfO]===-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=
Script name : Phpfox.v4.0.7.Stable.NULL-NCPTEAM
Supplied by : [NCP]-TEAM (http://nullcamp.com)
Protection : Removed
Homepage : http://www.PhpFox.com
Release date : 28-08-2015
Release type : PHP/MySQL
Price : $*** USD
phpFox is a featured packed social networking solution. Our goal is to
provide your community with features found on major social networking
websites like Facebook and MySpace.phpFox is built on a platform that
gives you full control with your websites layout giving you the ability
to easily create a unique look direct from the comfort of your Admin
Control Panel.
-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/End DeScRiPtIoN]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
1. Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer.
2. Read the readme.html file included in the archive
-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/End InsTaLLatiOn]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-[iNfO aBouT gRoUp]=-===-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
If you like this script, just buy it.
-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=[/End iNfO aBouT gRoUp]=-===-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=[/End ScRiPt iNfO]===-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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