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By | July 28, 2021

With the uncertainty of events in Ukraine and the volatility of the crypto market on the back of this, an investment into a presale like Seesaw Protocol could be one of the safest places to have your money over the coming months. Tony and Ron, i think i said once before abt how ive noticed the relationship ,if there is, between how thick the ozone is and what weather we get. The US and other parts have thick, and its been thin over you guys in UK. Ive been observing it for a bit down here and when its thicker we get crap,and thin better,but hot. Seems to be part of the weather,or maybe just a long coincidence.rem.

With fine weather forecast for Easter week across much of the UK and Ire, Mr. Conny Wollbrant, of the Behavioural Science Centre at the University of Stirling, has been telling BBC Radio 5 Live that people may start to stretch the rules where they live as curbs ease elsewhere. €œIt’s quite likely that many people in England will look at what’s happening elsewhere and they will feel conflicted about what to do and on the basis of this difference they begin to convince themselves about breaking rules,” he says. A glorious sunny day in NW London with the temperatures reaching the expected 23C – nine module trays enjoying the outdoor sunshine and plants emerging at a rate of knots – expect pretty full germination of all trays by the end of Thursday. All the fruit trees are opening buds, but no flowers yet. Well yet another moorland fire, this time in The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. Surely arson is the cause rather than man made climate change.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

Notalotofpeople has a post on the German record set last year that is still being accepted as the all time record even though everything shows it to be an unsuitable site for meaningful measurements. 12˚C at 7.30, sunny from the start with a light S’ly breeze, warming rapidly and reaching 27˚ by midday out of the agreeably cooling breeze, the latter turning into the NE eventually but still blowing warm, that doesn’t often happen. Warm right to the end of the afternoon but cooling down to 14˚ by 9pm. The temperatures HAVE been like June or July – consistently in the mid 20s here in the SE, occasionally up to 28C. I can remember dry ones, but never such a sunny, warm and dry one. What is so savagely hilarious is that no cricket is being played.

During the sunny spells we got a max of 20˚ out of the wind but by evening the fog came in and cooled things down to 9˚ by 10pm. 8˚C at 7.30, cold & strong N’ly wind which kept going all day, very occasional short sunny spells, max temp 12˚, down to 7˚ by 10pm & still blowing. 12˚c at 7.30, cloudy with a light S’ly breeze, showers off & on all day, some of them pretty heavy, no sun but still a max temp of 18˚, summer is on hold, 12˚ at 8.30pm. 11˚C at 7.30, very windy from the WNW but dry at least and sunny all day, with the wind strengthening, thus a max temp of only 15˚, glorious blue sky evening, 12˚ at 9pm. 12˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a fresh but not cold SW’ly wind, sun coming through by 8.30, giving us a breezy but warm day with a max temp of 23˚again, cloudy evening but still a balmy 18˚ at 9.30pm, haven’t seen that very often this year.

10˚C at 7.30, cold SE’ly wind, drizzle off & on all morning but more durable light rain all afternoon, though not enough to give any great depth of moisture to the soil, max temp 16˚, wind gradually turning into the E and then ENE by evening, 9˚ by 8.30pm. 12˚C at 7.30, foggy & still, everything dripping wet from the fairly copious rain and staying that all day along with the fog, could have been a mild day in November, max temp 16˚ as an indication of it being June, occasional light E’ly breeze, drizzle in the evening with 13˚ at 8.30pm. Happy that the garden got a good soaking, so weeding will become a more regular job, we have been lucky so far in that regard because of the drought. Gerry, I sometimes wonder if there is a missing link out there someplace weve missed in all the weather equations,re fruit ripening ,as there is often no explanation for why it ripens sooner in one part than another, that in theory is warmer etc. local microclimate?

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C View It is an underappreciated fact that the best time to ski in Scotland is often mid-February to late April, with November to early February often seeing snow coming and going, washed away etc etc. What you need is a big fall, then a transient thaw and then a hard freeze. The ice climbers on Ben Nevis know well that maximum snow depths on the mountain usually occur in early April.

Presales are usually split into two categories; investor-only, and public. Bigger and more established backers can access the investor-only presale, with funds often going towards the final development of the token. The public presale follows and is where the vast majority of tokens are sold. Seesaw Finance is a multi-chain, decentralized, non-custodial ecosystem of DeFi products, protocols, and use cases. Seesaw Token deployed to Binance Smart Chain and will also be deployed on Polygon and Ethereum. However, that’s not to say that some criticism shouldn’t be justified as the cryptocurrency industry has experienced its fair share of rug pulls.

GFS has backed off from the very severe early Feb spell it was predicting just last night. My estimate from my window thermometer is that we had around -5C this morning. 2˚C all day, raw E’ly wind again, frequent showers of rain, occasional snow, thawing slush everywhere but at least the ice is mostly gone again, continuous rain by evening. The High east of Greenland looks immovable so we’ll likely have more of the same weather for the foreseeable future, no sunshine, no stargazing. Thursday 18 Feb – Thursday 4 Mar Very low confidence for the middle of the month as there is a continued chance for unsettled, milder interludes arriving from the west or southwest.

  • Not sure we need a SSW to be honest, as we are not actually that far from the winter wonderland cards falling right for the UK.
  • Clearly the Great Reset needs the climate arm and the hatefilled sheep on the left and now right want to zero carbon us.
  • I think it might not be the coldest August Bank Holiday evah but then they never seem to put the same effort in for finding a record low as they do when desperate for a high to keep the scam going.
  • Even Spaceweather have commented that it is a high percentage for the Space Age – since 2006 in their case.
  • A look at the records shows Oz lurches from drought to flood to heatwave and so on.
  • Fresh S’ly breeze by afternoon, still 15˚ at 9.30pm.

Yes snow is here all over UK will BBC and ch 4 ignore it or proclaim the end of global warming and co2 is fake . Will they preach mini ice age as real science proves is happening . Who gets the 1.2 billion spent seesaw protocol token on new weather computer whilst boris spends nothing on flood defences let me guess one of boris billionaire pals. February has turned out to be a record breaking month for rainfall in Nidderdale North Yorkshire.

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There was no Jan 30 day forecast, instead a one sheet winter summary Dec to Feb made it over the line. I’m resigned now to this continuing and just view them as historical documents. Piers certainly has alot on his plate, what with all the Corona nonsense and now the plan to run for London mayor. He was very nice on the phone about the delays when I contacted him in the autumn and he threw in a couple of long range updates.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

Looks likely that the MetO fake news team will be hard at work over the next few days. I note the undercurrent of glee on Spaceweather at the little burst of cycle 25 sunspots. Is there anything in that we see more sunspots in the summer?

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Chiltern Seeds are also very good, although I use them mostly for perennial pollinators. I grew Yin-Yang dwarf beans for storage this year from Real Seeds and they were absolutely fabulous. Looks like the warm September is coming to an abrupt halt on Monday – sods law, having booked to take my mother on a short break to Aberystwyth. Daily maximums dropping from 20-21C to in the space of 24hrs. This is typical BBC climate activism on behalf of the Anthropogenic Global Warming cabal.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

The ippc know this but ignore it as it disproves their fake warming lies. I see the European Space \Agency have launched their Solar Orbiter with the mission stated as “Studying the Sun up close, taking high-resolution images of the Sun’s poles for the first time, and understanding the Sun-Earth connection” Will be interesting to see how that goes. Glenn you are making the same mistake as many climate scientists. 8 years ago they said the UK was in permanent drought, and just the other day the Australian Met Office said ther would be no rain until April only for them to see their heaviest rain in 20 years fall a few days later. The weather you are experiencing now is not an indicator of the future, whether that future is next week next month or next year. Finally a glorious sunny spring day here in NW London.

The bases will need to go through freeze-thaw cycles again if they wish to be long-lasting but it’s pretty normal January mountain weather. Switzerland + Western Austria have had cm of new snow, down to the valleys. Some sites in the upper rhine now have historically high levels of snow e.g. Another significant snowfall for the next 24hrs will see record levels recorded for this time of year. Down here in NW London we are getting our month’s worth of January rain this week during 5 days of ‘normal’ temperatures. Last nite i watched a bbc vid.about the big freeze of 1963 many of you will have lived in that time,so tell me do we really want that again or do we want global warming or at least a hint of it.

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Polarstern got itself stuck in the ice deliberately so that it could carru out research on what happens in the Arctic as they don’t have that information. But you might well ask, isn’t all the science settled? And as conditions were not quite what they expected – as in hardly any ice presumably – the Polarstern needed assistance. So we have another hilarious saga to add to all the others where there has been too much ice. I note that GFS are going for quite a chilly equinoctial weekend and east winds too boot.

No frost of any consequence yet but it will come no doubt, don’t mind if it holds off for a while yet. 9˚C at 7.30, light breeze from a generally S’ly direction, rain to begin with, drier spell with nice sunshine round the middle of the day and an agreeable max of 13˚, clouding up later with some more rain in the evening, 10˚ at 10pm and feeling really mild. 7˚C at 7.30, strong SW’ly wind with much cloud and a couple of showers in the morning, mostly bright though with good spells of sunshine, max temp 10˚, cloudier towards evening, 7˚ by 10pm.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Price Grows Avoiding The Crypto Crash As Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) Plunge Over 10%

10˚ at 7.30, bright with the obligate fresh SW’ly wind, clouding over by mid morning, max temp 15˚, fabulous looking lenticular clouds in the afternoon, 11˚ at 8pm. The 3rd official day of our winter dawns .many of us would be quite pleased if the co2 theory worked and it did indeed warm us,esp when the clouds clear and the temps plummet. These auto weather stns show all too clearly how from a H of 16.7 yesterday the temp continuously dropped and is still dropping from 0.9 at 5am to 0.3 at 0600 and by sunrise will be no doubt in the negitive range.Winter. And i see on our news that uk finally got a sunny day to go swimming.enjoy the moment.

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11˚C at 7.30, quite sunny with a fresh SW’ly wind which blew all day, very sunny & warm at times with a max temp of 22˚ but the wind always gave a cool edge when the sun disappeared momentarily behind the clouds, lovely clear evening, 10˚ at 9pm. Venus in SE and Mars in S visible early in the morning. 11˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a fresh SW’ly wind and a good few showers until late morning, some heavy. Warming up by midday, sun coming out and getting much warmer towards 4pm when we had 23˚, quite a feat for this time of year and after the cold August we had, spectacular cloudy evening skies with the setting sun, still 16˚ at 8.30pm. 4˚C at 7.30, quite bright, light W’ly wind which eventually turned into the S, real sunny and warm day with a max temp of 16˚ but feeling much warmer in full sun, clear evening with a near full moon, quite still and feeling mild with 7˚ at 8.30pm.

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Light frost this morning clearing with sunny spells but remaining cold partly cloudy afternoon into evening. Well good old GFS has done the somersault I predicted yesterday and now is showing more or less the opposite airstream source. Twas -5 on my window thermometer this morning, but obviously much lower away from the building. Might get some snow on the front edge of the Atlantic weather coming later this week. 4˚C at 7.30, strong S’y wind all day, steady light rain all morning, drier afternoon, more rain by evening, 7˚ by 8pm.

This is why the jet stream is wild the upper atmosphere is actually cooling due to c02 emitting more radiation to space. This makes the temp difference between the warm and cold air greater causing more extreme weather. My theory is proven by empirical evidence of weather balloons proving colder upper troposphere.