Slovenian is good Slavic vocabulary that uses the latest Latin alphabet

By | April 6, 2023

Slovenian is good Slavic vocabulary that uses the latest Latin alphabet

It is very the text of the oldest maintained authored records of any Slavic individuals, the fresh new thus-titled Briz inski spomeniki (the latest Freising Monuments), dating out-of a lot of Good.D. Prlmo z Trubar composed the original released books for the Slovenian performing for the 1551, below 100 years after the creativity of your own Guttenberg drive. Through the 100 years out of incorporation with the Italian language-speaking places the new Slovenian language try the latest pivotal auto off Slovenian society, awareness, term, and you may national success. Since the Slovenians had been few and far between these people were nervous to help you preserve the mom language if you find yourself at exactly the same time understanding almost every other dialects.

Slovenians have long been recognized for the exceptional linguistic skills. Instance, of several Slovenian missionaries in the usa preached from inside the four or even more dialects. Several universities and colleges teach new Slovenian language: College off Illinois, Indiana College or university, School away from Ohio, Kent Condition School, Ohio County College or university, in addition to School out-of Pittsburgh. There are also numerous libraries with Slovenian code choices, and this leads to maintenance of your own words. Regarding 30 % of all the Slovenians in the united states is bilingual-English and several Slovenian-nevertheless the young generation does have fun with English to the different of the ancestors’ code.

The fresh new Slovenian writing experience phonetically appropriate where a letter, with few exceptions, provides the exact same sound. Most characters are the same as in English (besides Slovenian lacks new letters “w”and you may “y”) and many characters have the same sound as in English. Toward other individuals, the second enunciation publication could be out of help: “a” is pronounced as in art; “e” such as rating (notably less for robi the league pracД™ the eve); “i” as in sick (less inside such as for example); “o” as in admiration; “u” such as ruler (much less being used); “c” such as tsar (less in the pet); “i” since “ch” from inside the chapel; “g” as with go (far less for the years); “j” due to the fact “y” into the sure (far less within just); “lj” as the “lli” in the billion; “nj” while the “gn” within the monsignor; ” s” like in she; “z” as with zipper; and ” z” because the “ge” during the driveway.

GREETINGS And other Popular Words

Dobro jutro -good morning; dober dan -a go out; dober vec emergency room -an effective nights; dobrodos li -welcome; jaz sem ( (John Zupan); to je gospod (gospa, gospodic na) Stropnik -this is certainly Mr. (Mrs., Miss) Stropnik; kako ste -just how could you be; hvala, dobro -thanks, well; na svidenje -so long; zbogom -goodbye; lahko noc -good night; prosim -please; hvala -thanks a lot; na zdravje -into the fitness; dober tek -take pleasure in your food; vse najboljs elizabeth -the very best of everything you; oprosite -excuse-me; c estitke -congratulations; kje je -in which try; kje je restavracija (hotel) -where is actually a cafe or restaurant (hotel); kje je ta naslov -where so is this address; me personally veseli -I am delighted; z al mi je -I’m sorry; sem ameris ki Slovenec (ameris ka Slovenka) -I’m an american Slovenian; vse je zelo lepo -things are great; Slovenija je krasna -Slovenia was stunning; s elizabeth pridite -become once more; srec zero cooking pot -provides a pleasurable excursion!

Relatives and you will Society Character

Up until Globe Combat We, boys always emigrated basic; once they had protected enough money, it developed because of their wives otherwise sweethearts to adhere to. Very early entrepreneurs, including owners of boarding houses, dining, and you can saloons, and drawn of numerous ladies to come and you may work for her or him in the usa; yet not, the fresh new males have been stressed so you can get married him or her when they could get to understand them. As in Slovenia, separation and divorce certainly Slovenian People in the us could have been extremely uncommon, although it has recently improved especially in ethnically and you may religiously combined families. Generally speaking, immigrant mothers is stressed because of their pupils so you’re able to marry some one regarding their cultural and you may spiritual category, regardless of if cultural homogamy has been erican-created years.