The Top Value Drivers of Finance Digital Transformation

By | April 4, 2022

Before Atrica, Chen was co-founder and CEO of Verix, a provider of business intelligence software. At ECI Telecom, Chen founded their ADSL business unit and led it from inception to $100 million in annual sales. Finally, we asked the respondents to indicate how finance professionals stay ahead of developments in digital transformation .

Finance digital transformation key rules

So, a financial services firm, be it a bank or investment broker or insurance provider, is expected to become a high performance microservices organization offering tangible advisory services about money through an all-inclusive approach. Lastly, credit institutions play an important role in leading the economy while providing and coordinating capital sources based on a rigorous risk assessment process. Therefore, in their own digital transformation process, the pioneering role of financial institutions in ESG implementation will provide a strong impetus for businesses in general to set new standards for sustainable development. Remote work is the norm today, and many operations are expanding across the globe.

Why is a financial transformation so important?

Be prepared and allow finance professionals to focus on higher-value tasks by automating the mundane ones. Incloud-based document management systems, team members can share ideas, send documents, and collaborate in real time with colleagues from anywhere. This improves efficiency, transparency, productivity, and accountability within workflows.

  • Already at the planning stage, we prioritize the initiatives that bring prompt and clear improvements to the regular finance-related tasks, thus showing the innovations in an appealing light.
  • While many fundamental banking services (i.e., safekeeping, payments, loans, and investments) remain the same as they were 100 years ago, how banks manage these activities and transactions—as well as how customers expect to receive them—has changed significantly.
  • An undeniable advantage of going digital is that digital processes stop errors by eliminating time-consuming manual data entry and human inefficiencies.
  • Big is no longer better or safer—and, in many cases, can even be a barrier to innovation.
  • Some CIOs and IT organizations achieved previously unimaginable speed of change.

For established cloud providers, Lipkovitz notes, “security at this point is really table stakes.” Cloud services today come with robust security out of the box, giving developers of cloud-based applications a head start from a security standpoint. “Not only do we need to be secure and safe, we must be able to attest to it, to demonstrate it,” says Lipkovitz. For many organizations, digital transformation has meant shifting to cloud-based architectures, tools, and processes.

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Perform pre-consolidation, group-level analysis in real-time with efficient, end-to-end transparency and traceability. Reduce risk and save time by automating workflows to provide more timely insights. To use SharePoint’s content AI services — Syntex — organizations should determine their pain points and plan thorough end-user … A knowledge base can help organizations increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The longtime BI and data integration vendor doesn’t only want to enable customers to analyze data and reach insights but also …

Finance digital transformation key rules

Also, it’s a cultural shift that necessitates constant status quo challenge and experimentation. Organizations that focus more on seeding transformative innovation use more visualization software and more automated reports in the finance department. Automated reports provide finance professionals more time for value-adding activities; visualization software provides the opportunity to derive insights from data and make better business decisions.

Need Help With Digital Transformation?

ScienceSoft estimates the TCO and ROI for each digitalization initiative and analyzes the economic feasibility of transformations. Additionally, we can develop a proof of concept to assess the viability of an innovative finance solution. UX and UI design – designing role-specific UX and UI (e.g., for accountants, treasurers, financial data analysts, etc.) and introducing UI mock-ups.

Finance digital transformation key rules

More than half of all financial services organizations plan to increase spending by 10 percent or more (vs. 37 percent for all organizations). Lower middle market firms , especially, are planning hefty investments of 10 percent or more. Regulations like the EU’s GDPR, PSD2 and MiFID I/II and similar supervisory requirements are putting an extra focus on risk management practices, aiming for a more secure and transparent financial sector.


With 16+ years of experience, Prasanth assists global businesses to reinvent their approach through digital and cutting-edge technologies. For example, JPMorgan Chase and Co., one of the largest banks in the US, employs Big Data Analytics to generate insights into customer trends and offers reports to its clients. They can analyze a customer individually and create the report within seconds. Digital ID -The Guidance on Digital IDexplores how to determine whether a digital ID is suitable and reliable to use for customer due diligence. Since its release in 2020, this guidance has been an important resource for ensuring access to essential and secure financial services – especially during the pandemic. Reliable digital ID also contribute to financial inclusion, and make it easier, cheaper and more secure to identify individuals in the financial sector.

While blockchain is also rarely considered in organizations, several organizations are currently considering process mining (41%), which uses algorithms to analyze event log data to understand the way operational processes are executed. We also asked respondents how finance compares to two other departments in the organization in regard to digital strategy. Our roundtable discussions suggested that digital financial transformation other departments are currently more involved as they’re closer to the value-adding activities of the company. Data harmonization helps to remove ambiguity, link records and establish standards that give a foundational stone for further improvements in terms of data analytics in accounting. BNPL has greatly affected not only banks and debit issuers, but also credit card and personal loan providers.

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In fact, while roundtable participants recognize the need for established finance professionals to acquire new skills and knowledge, most CFOs seemed to lean toward just hiring new talent. Few organizations can afford to replace one-third of their finance department every two years. While roundtable participants agree that new capabilities and competencies need to be added to the finance department, there’s no consensus yet on how to go about it. Old-guard accountants have excellent core accounting skills but may be resistant to new technologies while younger hires are more tech-savvy but tend to be weaker on the fundamentals.

Finance digital transformation key rules