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[TUTORIAL] How To Check If You Are Infected Or Not

There are four methods on this guide, and you dont need any programs you need to download. Lets get started: First Method Steps:

Open Msconfig by going to start and search “msconfig” or open RUN and search Msconfig
Go to the startup tab
Here youll find mostly any RAT,Logger…
Find something like (server.exe, stub,s3rver, and something like that)
If you find it just untick it and apply restart your pc

Second Method Steps
: In the registry every application saves its configuration, of course malware too. Malware often uses the Registry to startup, and Save the options.

Open the “Run” (Start -> Run)
Write regedit.exe
Search In The HKey_Current_User for the Software Folder.
There will be a list with the programs. If you are infected, you’ll find something like Server or Stub, or something like that
If you findd one, delete that entry (Right Click -> Delete Entry).

Third Method Steps (thanks to CyberProdigy):

Open “RUN”
Type in “%appdata%” (this contains many viruses too)
After you get there check if there are any .exe that you have never heard of there
If you find one search it on google because some of the programs have weird company names.

Fourth Method Steps:

Open Task Manager (Ctrl+alt+delete)
Go to processes tab
Find an unusual name (most likely something with server, stub,explorer1, or something with weird letters)
Once you find one, search it up on google because like i said before some programs have weird names 

Credits to My Site Staff htplanet.com Shatrang



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