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Xrumer 7.0 Beta-2 Released.

Xrumer 7.0 Beta-2 Released Today! (no it’s not in your control panel. Russian test group only) However Xrchat has gotten a few reports of users having received it. Keep checking back!

—Per BOTMASTER 1/3/2011—
Today will be updated immediately 3 components of our complex:
1. XRumer 7.0 beta
2. Hrefer 3.3
3. SocPlugin 1.6

Innovations XRumer 7.0

I shall warn – not done everything we wanted, but from that moment be renewed monthly update, so all suggestions will be implemented rapidly.
Much has been done, but yet to be done at least as much.

+ Software trained to recognize more than 40 new types of image captures, including ; a partial list can be viewed here + ReCaptcha, and noisy captcha VBulletin 3.7.3
+ Greatly expanded knowledge of the program on text captcha, file size textcaptcha.txt increased in 2 times, for a total of more than 2000 known types of text protections
+ Alist xmessages.txt also expanded by 50%, new flags – REG_DISABLED , TEXTCAP_FAILED , LOGIN_FAILED and other
+ Improved handling of new versions of VBulletin, IPB, phpBB
+ Downloads personal key xrumer_key.txt no longer required
+ Added new macros:
# Title – cite title page
# Quote – quote the previous speaker
Grabbed # – insert the content, which was collected through xgrab.txt
+ Expanded learning opportunities:
* Automatically assign a value directly to the selected list of fields in one click
* Automatic translation via Google Translate foreign text to fields
* Mark fields are already known
* Visual training text captcha
+ Added new modes of distribution: “only create a topic”, “try to create a topic, if you can not reply to an existing” and “only respond to existing”
+ Xblack.txt added to the database over a thousand resources, collaborating with Spamhausom, we strongly recommend using this filter the database list
+ Significantly accelerated the downloading of the program with very large databases and reports
+ Fixed gross error in the processing of POST-requests, which use a slash
+ Corrected the processing logic captcha
+ Fixed a bug that could indirectly cause the error “Out of System recources”
+ Amended in logic processing and xgrab.txt xseek.txt
+ Mass PM to learn to work with the mod vbSEO
+ Added a system of varying HTTP-headers for more complex calculations XRumer-but as a bot
+ Fixed a critical bug with cookies, which prevented the normal operation of phpBB3 and other sliders
+ Improved design of posts for some versions of VBulletin
+ Tool “Remove repeated references” finalized for filtering nodes.txt, which automatically identifies the mirror sites and stored in the report mirrors.txt
+ Logging in test mode in file Debug \ FormFields made more detailed and correct
+ Software trained to recognize the field with a randomly named to enter the captcha
+ Report “Successful” is now more accurate
+ Increased the total penetrability engine phpBB, including latest
+ Software trained to circumvent the protection of text WiKi, creating and / or editing the article, the main symptom of resources: inurl: / wiki / index.php? Title =
+ Made adjustments to the program interface
+ Increased Max size file for filtering takes – up to 2 GB
+ Lifted restrictions on the Max size of file association (xas.txt, xmessages.txt, etc.)
+ Corrected the processing logic <select> fields in accordance with the list of priority topics
+ Software trained to recognize new types of composite CAPTCHA:
1. Composite phpBB
2. Composite IPB
2. Composite IPB 1.3.1
3. Composite IPB 2003
4. Composite modified IPB
5. Composite modified with IPB 1.3.1
6. Composite IPB 2003
7. Composite IPB (version unknown)

Innovations in SocPlugin 1.6

+ Updated mechanism reject the invitation to the group on VKontakte
+ Added save / load cycling schemes
+ To send media data to VKontakte added macros # video [link], # foto [link] and # audio [link] + Fixed bug restrict the collection of questionnaires in the mode of cycling
+ Amended in the error interface
+ Modified the functioning of groups Autoselect
+ Added macro # accname, allowing to write messages on the mailing list for each individual account
+ Improved avtograbbing photos, sold the division by gender
+ Implemented analysis and reading of incoming messages for later use in answering machine
+ Added possibility avtonapolnenie blank questionnaires – both text content and photos and videos
+ Implemented deeper parsing the parameters for VKontakte, if you specify only the name (no surname), or if in general they are not listed
+ Expanded database of countries to VKontakte (file VKCountryList.txt)
+ Options circumvent the protection rendered to the main menu
+ Added a warning to newcomers about variations, and macros
+ Refined processing errors VKontakte
+ Amended in the function of collecting friends, and view friends list
+ Improved filter users – when re-testing of questionnaires is not made in the entry form, if the necessary information on the application form is already available
+ Fixed dispatch on the walls at VKontakte in accordance with the new concept of micro-
+ Further enhanced the probability of success sending to the wall
+ Optimized post-processing
+ Generate a complete ID list of all cities in the world VKontakte – this list is contained in a file VKCityListFull.txt
+ Made adjustments to the algorithm for auto-completion questionnaires VKontakte
+ Added extra warning messages, instructions
+ Added avtodobavleniya to fans on VKontakte
+ Added detailed monitoring outgoing / incoming packets (for debugging and other ancillary purposes), this option is added in the interface options
+ Fixed avtopriglashenie into groups Odnoklassniki
+ Improved dialogue mechanism
+ Added protection limits are exceeded during invaytinge in group
+ Added auto-select groups through the Scheduler
+ Adjusted filter paper questionnaires: if the questionnaire does not exist is blocked, then the a priori is marked for deletion
+ Thanks to the analysis of competing software, in hundreds of times accelerated distribution of personal messages on VKontakte
+ Corrected the definition of the number of photos in Aneta on VKontakte
+ Fixed loading of base forms from XML-file
+ Statistics on the use of HTTP-proxy and SOCKS expanded: displays sr.vremya response and other supporting information

Innovations in Hrefer 3.3

+ Prodokumentirovan file MakeToIndex.ini (see contents)
+ Updated googlehost.txt
+ Adjusted for handling Google Mobile, Board Reader, Bing
+ Adjusted monitoring proxy checking
+ Added a tool for monitoring statistics on search engines, to optimize the parsing
+ Added the ability to Additive Words automatic variation of domain zones (for Google, via the “site :…”), as well as adding numbers as variator
+ Added support for regular expressions in engines.ini, format REG (…)
+ Added visual tuning tool engines.ini, which greatly simplifies training program
+ Extended capabilities for sorting tool Google Page Rank: the opportunity looping process, allowing the base to be verified until Page Rank can be determined from absolutely all options

Regarding the upcoming release: now prepare the voting system through which we will always know that the most important to you, and do it first.

New features and bug XRumer 7.0 beta-2

+ Full recognition ReCaptcha (able to optimize the code in the 2-2.5 times through the use of technology SSE, but a large number of streams is still the CPU load is feasible)
+ Fixed problem of “locked up” threads
+ Fixed a problem resetting the current position in the database
+ Corrected the processing logic IPB and VBulletin
+ Corrected the error in the self-
+ Self-added to the possibility of mass transfer via Google Translate
+ Added tool-aided learning captcha text (see screenshot below) (textcaptcha.txt), it’s available via pull-down menu in the results table self
+ Number of options passed to the interface
+ Many other small corrections

A few screenshots.

Recognition ReKapcha works fine, if a thread table you see a similar picture:
[Image: 5322615636_e05cf478f6_z.jpg]

Added option to disable the automatic recognition ReKapchi:
[Image: 5322623102_c95a2c0713_z.jpg]

Also in the options now available to a new special mode of posting:
[Image: 5322025279_53e90ac4b5_z.jpg]

So looks like a tool for learning a text captcha. While its functionality is limited, and continues to improve.
[Image: 5322044847_8de0c2d15f_z.jpg]



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