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9 Tips To Reduce Blogger Blog Load Time

Tips To Reduce Blog Load Time Avoid JavaScript JavaScript makes page loading speed slow. Try to remove unnecessary JavaScript codes from your blog. Don’t link to external sites for storing your JavaScript codes whilst you can save them inside your blogger blog. You can save your all JavaScript codes in your template above by using the code… Read More »

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger

Setup Custom Robots Header Tags First enable this option from your blogger settings and then I’ll tell you how to use it. Log in to your blogger account. Now navigate to Setting >> Search Preferences Click on edit link under the Custom Robots Header Tags section as shown in below screenshot. Once you click on… Read More »

How To Remove Blogger Navbar

Blogger platform is simple and easy to use. There are numberless third party templates available in the blog-o-sphere. You can use any template to give your blog a professional look. But if you are using blogger’s default templates then you definitely notice that there is a navbar (navigation bar) at the top of your blog.… Read More »

How to change blogger background color

Now follow simple steps below and change your blog’s background color or image: Go to Blogger >> Template >> HTML >> Proceed Search for body and you’ll find something similar code like below image In above image you can clearly see that an image has been used as a background in the body selector. The body selector… Read More »

How To Add Keywords in Blogger Posts

If you have original and SEO friendly content in your blog, then no doubt you can surely get high ranking in search results. Writing SEO friendly blog posts is not much tough as beginners think. We just need to focus on some places where we can add keywords in our blog posts to make them… Read More »

7 Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing to learn for best blogging experience. Without proper blog optimization, we can’t even dream to get impressive traffic from search engines. From past few days, I am getting too much request of newbie bloggers to share some On-Page SEO Tips. That’s why today I plan to mention all… Read More »

4 Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO

Every blog or website owner must think about the strategies to increase its usability and value for both to the readers and search engines as well. Providing regular unique and original content to the readers is must to rank well in search engines and to achieve your blogging goals. But increasing its value is the crucial thing.… Read More »

Add Automatic Read More With Thumbnail To Blogger

Almost every blogger or webmaster uses Automatic read more with thumbnail feature in their blog because it add more functionality and give a professional look to the blog. Beside this it has many advantages like it shows only post summary (excerpt or snippet) with thumbnail on the blog homepage, labels and archive page that increase your blog page views, it help… Read More »

Backup / Restore Template in Blogger New Interface

Are you going to make changes in your blogger blog template or going to include some extra HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to add more functionality to your blog like post views counter or any other widget? If yes, then wait for a minute. By saying wait, I mean you should do something before making any changes.… Read More »

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Below are some easy steps you have to go through in terms to submit your blogspot blog sitemap. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools. Click on the blog title for which you want to add sitemap. Click on sitemap button as shown below. At the top right corner of the page, press Add/Test sitemap button. Once… Read More »