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6 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

Significant traffic is a need of every blogger. Sometimes we do everything to attract new visitors to increase blog traffic. We spend hours to design our blog template, work hard to write quality and unique content to publish but if we don’t have decent audience to read our content then all of our hard work… Read More »

Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger

Post titles and blog title plays a vital role for better ranking in search results. This is the first thing which is checked by visitors to either they should click on this link or not. That means your traffic depends on this thing. Keyword rich titles can bring you more traffic and increase your blog page views. Google shows only… Read More »

How To Reduce Blog Bounce Rate

If your blog posts are not sticky to your first time readers, then surely bounce rate of your blog will increase. Bounce rate is the biggest enemy for your blog which can ruin all its ranking from top to bottom. All major search engines specially Google hate those blogs that have too much bounce rate. It shows… Read More »

How To Increase Blog Pageviews

Blogging is not only the game of receiving traffic. We have to target each and every visitor to convert them into readers. Blog page views are also as important as traffic. We have to focus on the strategies that work on increase blog page views. If a visitor land on your blog then your aim… Read More »

How to Add Google Analytics in Blogger

Once you setup your blog and start publish quality content, its time to track the traffic statistics to know more about the visitors that who are visiting your blog, from where they are, how much time they spend on your blog etc. Google Analytics is the best tool provided by Google to easily track and… Read More »