Download $2000.00 worth of Xrumer Mods For Free ! Get It Now!!! While You Still Can!

By | July 12, 2015

The people over at Xrchat are at war with someone, maybe sharepro and for Christmas they are giving away all of their Big money Xrumer Mods. All of this right when the new Xrumer is about to be released! This is so awesome! My heart is racing! Download all of the Mods for free here:


Drupal X Bomber Mod:

Pligg MOD:

Trac Ticket Mod:

Moodle Profile & Blog Attack Mod

Elgg Mod

I got in a dispute with murk on this forum one time.

I got to say now I really respect those guys at Xrchat.

I just downloaded everyone one of them! One was sent by e-mail. Get this while you can BHT members!

New Xrumer7 Update

I have been waiting on this for a long time. Ever since they announced the update and said that the Beta version was being released in April 2010. Well finally we can get this rocking. The success rate will be much better as over 40 new captchas have been added. The old xrumer is almost obsolete because I have seen a lot of forums now go defensive and now Linklists that I had allot of success with I almost have nothing. They claim that these Xrumer mods will make your Xrumer better than the new updated version. Well I will find out soon!

Xrumer 7 now 99.5% Complete as of December 19 see here:

This is going to be a beast!! The ultimate SEO tool!