How To Get Any Android App or Game Free

By | September 11, 2013
This is a short, straight-forward tutorial so there should be no difficulties. There isn’t much work involved. You will have a new one-stop place for apps, the Black Market and be able to remove license checks, ads and create modified .APK files if you please with Lucky Patcher. Lets get started.


1. You must have a rooted device if you want to be able to remove license checks and ads. With the Black Market, a good few things will be alright without root, but 70% of the things need you to have a rooted device. Check out XDA Developers on how to achieve this for your phone/tablet. It varies so I won’t be covering this, sorry.

2. You have to allow the installation of non-market apps. If you are unsure how to do this, follow whats in the code box bellow:

SettingsApplicationsUnknown sources

Might differ slightly depending on your phone, but it will be very similar.

3. You have to download Black Market and Lucky Patcher and install them on your device. (Obviously) I will not be providing these since they are easily available on TPB.

All set? Lets begin then!

Open the Black Market app and from there, you can browse through apps and games, or search for one if your looking for something in particular. Once you find what you want, click on it and you will be taken to its page where it gives the description, screenshots and package permissions. Just like the Play Market. Smile Under the title you will see the app/game’s Crack Status:

No/Not Needed: Your in business! Will worth perfectly, even without a rooted device. Smile Silly Dev forgot to protect their apps from pricacy.

Cracked: Self-explaining really. These sometimes work but quiet often, you need to be rooted for the crack to actually function. Hit and miss.

Need to crack: Rare you will come across this but, ugh! TSF Shell and ROM Toolbox Pro are two notable ones. Luckily for us, Lucky Patcher has custom patches for these! Biggrin Normally they are a nightmare to crack and will foil any attempts you make. SPB Shell 3D broke my heart and I walked away a broken man… Sad

When using Lucky Patcher, find the app you want to crack. You will have a few options available:

Remove License Verification
Remove Google Ads
Change Permissions and Activities
Create Modified apk
Manual Patcher

Whatever you pick, there is usually a few options. Fiddle around with whatever you want, just make sure to backup the original file to be safe.

When removing the license verification, most of the time using “Auto Modes” will do the trick with no hassle, all you need to do is tap “Apply”. You will be prompted letting you know that the action was sucessful, semi-sucessful or that it failed. Semi-sucessful apps can work so try them out. If not, try tweaking your options.
If anyone needs more help, post here or pm me



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