How To get Free Livejasmin credits

By | November 29, 2013
How to get free credits on livejasmin and similar sites
I am going to share how to get live jasmine credits requirement is :
Phone, Dutch vpn and a computer and the knowledge of Dutch numbers 1-9 .
before you start this guide only works for a couple of days then it stops working they can somehow know you’re creating the same account so don’t moan and just enjoy Ok this is an adaptation from recovery guide on Anyways let’s started, before you start this make sure you know the Dutch numbers and you can use them
First get a Dutch vpn like

[viral-lock]Secondly go to and get a temp email

Thirdly go to live jasmine. Com and register with temp email

Fourthly select European direct debit for payment and select 28 credits (always)[/viral-lock]

Now in this you can bull the address and stuff like that but have the phone has to be yours and for account number just give a random 7 digit one
Click next and they will ring you automated to give you a ,pin hence the Dutch numbers
Enter the pin and it should say successfulyou have got credits. I6 have nothing to do with anything that happens to anyone nothing has happened to me so far. y always select 28 credits otherwise you will be banned quicker,you have a spending Limit of €140, each day you’ll know when it stops working for that day as it will say transaction declined, and then it will reset after 24hours, after 3-4 days your account will be banned permanently

Don’t forget to say thanks I want to make this post hot to rip off livejasmin big time also if you have a USA number get pinger on your phone and get a UK one I don’t think livejasmin doesnt support USA numbers I could be wrong though. you could also use twilio to get uk phone numbers, make sure you sign up using uk vpn



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