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To get Rank at the First Page of Google for long-tail keywords is fastest way to get high traffic at your website.

Its not easy to get first page rank at google soon all scammers on the internet who promise you to get first page they took your money and go away you are still there so you can do it by Yourself Easily.


Today i will show you how to get rank first at google with long-tail keyword and its working.

Its now any blackhat method or hack trick just simple White hat SEO Method to rank Your Website.


The first thing you should always do when trying to rank a long-tail keyword is to make sure it is long enough.

I always suggest a minimum of four words.


Whenever you try to find a great keyword to rank for, look for something that is not highly competitive, but still has a respectable number of monthly searches.

It’s better to have a few searches and a high rank than to have tons of searches and not even have a ranking.


The keys to ranking on Google is making sure to write keyword-rich headlines.

Headlines are important. They matter to people, and, therefore, they are important to SEO.

Here are some headline variations you can use to rank that keyword:

  • How to make money online in 3 simple steps
  • The proven method of making money online in any niche

I always tell people that if they want to rank on Google, they better get used to writing, and writing a lot.

If you are blogging once a month, you are not getting enough content to get ranked at google.

Google rank articles generally have over 2,000 words and are full of photos, and internal links.

Every time you write an article you want to rank, you should treat it as a “Definitive Guide” rather than a regular post.

Make the content so good that you can sell it as a standalone product if you want.

Putting it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedInis a fact, but there is much more than that.

What really matters is telling the right people about it.

Get in touch with influencers to see if they want to link to your content; create a YouTube audio version of your content with a link to the article in the description; Or even create a podcast with a summary of your article.

Use all possible means to place your item in front of as many eyes as possible.

The more times your article is viewed, shared, and commented on, the better your chances are of getting a Google higher ranking.

Most people think that ranking on the first page of Google for a long-tail keyword is impossible, but most are wrong.

rank first page at google
rank first page at google

If you work hard, write quality content that offers real value, and market your content efficiently, you can see your article on the first page of Google in no time.

I’ll say it again: You can’t fool Google.

Instead, you should spend long hours. You have to feel the aching fingers and the exhausted brain. This is hard work. There are no short cuts.

Providing real solutions to real people is the key to success. Your content should be better than everyone else’s. It’s all there.



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