How to Read others Whatsapp Messages New Method 2018

By | September 16, 2015
Today I will show you how to Read others Whatsapp Messages Easy step by step guide.
Step 1 – Download and install some stuff :

Android Tools
extract the ANDROID MULTITOOL folder to “C:\” Otherwise it probably won’t work

Note: ANDROID MULTITOOL is not made by me if you want run it sandboxed or in a Virtual Machine.

2- Install Java JDK
go to “Java SE Development Kit 7” field
press “Accept License Agreement”
choose Wndows x86 for 32 bit systems and x64 for 64 bit systems

3-Install Microsoft Powerpacks

Note : Make sure you have the latest .NET frame work
if you are using win 8/8.1 maybe you will need to install .Net framework 3.5

4- Download the Whatsapp Message Reader
sory for this link i worked hard on this reader people are leeching posts on other forums

After downloading the message reader extract it and place it in

Step 2 – Setting up the Message Reader

1- Go to this site and register (the password will be emailed to you)
you can use any web hosting service but make sure it supports more that 15 mb per file size

2- Log in then press on legacy file manage

3- Press on Create a New Folder and name it “uploads”

[Image: image.php?di=EPWP]

4- Click on the folder you made now “uploads” then go to the right and choose change permission tick all of them so it will be 777 then press change.

5- On the top of the page you find upload files press on it
[Image: screenshot_5.png]
upload this file: PHP file
(you have to download it to your pc first then you can upload it to your site)

6- Press on whatsapp.php then right press on the URL and copy it

[Image: image.php?di=2KQW]

7- Go to “C:\AndroidMultitool\Decompiled_apk\Whatsapp\Whatsapp\res\raw\url.txt”
delete all its contents then replace the URL with the URL you copied in step 6

8- Run “C:\AndroidMultitool\AndroidMultitool.exe” as administrator
then go to compilin field and choose “C:\AndroidMultitool\Decompiled_apk\Whatsapp” as the selected folder then press compile.

9- Now he have to sign the APK
reopen the AndroidMultitool and go to signing field press on … and choose

10- Now we are done you can find the final APK in

copy the final APK to your desktop and rename it what ever you want then test it on your own phone
if you see this:

[Image: image.php?di=JKCV]

that means it is uploading the messages to your site
the time it takes depends on your internet speed and the file size
usually it takes about 1 min for 1 mbps connection

when you see completed message so it finished uploading now you can close or delete the app

Step 3 – Sending the Reader to others

Now send final APK to your GF and tell her that this is a new version of whatsapp that supports video chatting and you can play games through it.
or invent any lie blah blah blah it will work girls are stupid.
Ofcourse your GF will tell you that the whatsapp is showing “please wait” , just tell her that it is checking for you android version to see if it is compatible with the completely new Whatsapp and tell her do not interrupt or close the app.

Step 4 – Decrypting the messages :

When you reach this step you must already have the “.db.crypt” file that you already stoled from your victim in step 3 it must be in “Uploads” folder in your site download that file and put it on your desktop.

1- Download “WhatsAppMigrator to Read others Whatsapp Messages” you cn find in google and run it as administrator.

2- when you get this press Yes

[Image: image.php?di=XPAD]

3- now you must see a message that instllation compleated sucssfully.

4- reopen the “WhatsAppMigrator” as administrator.
Go to msgstor.db.crypt (from android) and select the file you got from your GF phone in step 3 .
then go to edit and select “Decrypt msgstor.db.crypt ”

[Image: image.php?di=AX34]

5- now you must have a new file called msgstor.db on your desktop.

6- download and run Sqlite browser

Press “CTRL + O” and select msgstor.db on your desktop.
Go to browse data tab and you will be able to see all the conversations that had been made from phone.
If you need any help comment here