How to scrape 3k social blog site links from scrapebox

By | July 9, 2015

I just bought a scrapebox and read a lot of tutorials too.I need around 3000 social blog platform based sites for link building. So,I need 3000 unique social blog site.I truly read almost all scrape box tutorial on blackhatworld and apply them too.

I have done the below method and scrape only 100-150 social blog sites from google and yahoo.

Method 1 ,I tied:

1. Use the below jcow footprints



“Powered by Jcow”
“Powered by Jcow v4.1”
“Powered by Jcow 4.2.0”
“Powered by Jcow 4.2.1”
“Powered by Jcow v7″
*Email Address
(We won’t display your Email Address.)
Powered by Jcow 7.0.1
intitle:”powered by jcow” 

Method 2 ,I tied:

I add some generic text after the footprints like

“Powered by Jcow” “a”
“Powered by Jcow” “b”
“Powered by Jcow” “c”


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Also note that I used 25 private proxies.So,proxies would not be problem.Please somebody help me and share your methods.

Important: By 3000 sites,I mean only those valid and active sites which allows blog post.I filter sites with below criteroia

1. Registration closed/disabled
2. Blogs not available
3. Brand width exceeded/account suspended




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